Executives On Go

La Necesidad del Cliente, el Enunciado de Nuestro Desafío


Executives On Go

Vision, Mission, Evaluation, Decision, Action, Results


Executives On Go

Vision, Mission, Evaluation, Decision, Action, Results


Chairman On Go

We work in partnership with our clients to meet their needs to identify and develop their executive team’s potential. We help to discover and develop individual and group skills through innovative techniques.

We offer workshops with different formats and contents, as well as different methods and techniques, depending on each client needs and on each project’s characteristics.

“The Art of Managing”

Personal and Executive Beyond-Development Programmes:

  • Negotiation.
  • Conflict management.
  • Team management.
  • Beyond-Leadership in the art of management.
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    Discovering and developing individual and group skills.


    Talent On Go

    Assessment carried out by experienced external consultants contributes to the objectivity of each promotion and/or hiring and therefore also to strengthening strategical decision-making.

    Clients’ needs lead the criteria to select candidates for the assessment. Participants can be internal candidates and/or external ones.


    Objectifying each promotion and/or hiring


    Coach On Go

    We understand executive coach as a guidance process on individual and/or teams development to reach achievable goals. The Coach, as a facilitator for change, builds a relationship based on trust and transparency.

    We analyse your needs and we integrate and tailor our coaching process to your business and development strategies in an effective way. Methodology, procedures and goals are previously agreed with the company and by the coachee.


    To guide individual and/or teams development.

    Interim Management

    Interim On Go

    Providing companies with senior executives for short term assignments, relevant projects can be strengthened with experienced skilful resources, which highly contribute to achieving key specific goals for the development and leadership positioning of each company.

    When to hire Interim Management:

  • Temporary replacement of Senior Executives.
  • Providing project management.
  • Mergers/acquisitions processes.
  • Corporate restructuring.
  • Business Development and/or products launching.
  • International expansion processes.
  • Professionalizing and reorganizing Family Businesses.
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    Highly contribute to achieving key specific goals


    Map On Go

    Better decisions enable organizations to take advantage of market opportunities quickly, provide with a more effective response than competitors’, make course corrections earlier and react to changing conditions with greater agility.

    Map On Go makes it possible to carry out a more accurate and objective analysis of current market situation and trends, on vital areas for the business such as Salary policy, Organizational design and Strategy.

    Our team develops real-time mappings dealing with all market variables that are keys to meet client requirements in any of these three areas.


    A faster and effective response to market trends.

    Work Climate Study

    Climate On Go

    Climate On Go means the entrance door to a new stage of relationships between the company and employees and the market. Impact positively into the Company results and in the “internal customer experience”. Therefore, in the development of branding.

    Based on the employees inputs and satisfaction ratings we also give our advice on alternative intervention programs, monitoring and evaluation systems, even we suggest specific actions to introduce improvements.

    In order to produce a more detailed and fruitful analysis of the data, we can additionally use statistical tools to carry out a multivariable analysis and an inferential use of the results.


    A new stage of relationships between the company and employees and the market.

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