Executives On Go began its activity more than a decade ago with a commitment to help companies become more competitive and digital to achieve their goals, by managing their teams and talent, culture and customers.

Our team has sound experience and ability to manage complex projects in different business contexts, facilitating creative solutions adapted to the needs of each market.

At Executives On Go we work in close collaboration and aligned with client companies and their teams. We are committed to their challenges, offering the advice and support they need to contribute to the best outcome and success of their projects.



Driven by the passion for good performance we pay special attention to market trends, new technologies and organizations’ evolution, their teams, and leaders.

Client Orientation, to its business and its corporate culture:

At Executives On Go we work closely with each Client. We know all its expectations and needs about related to executive search or talent development to achieve its goals. We dive into our client’s business and know well its culture.


We value each person very much and aim to gain a better understanding of his or her aspirations and to identify in what type of organizations and cultural environments his or her expectations are likely to be fulfilled.


We are committed to our clients. We work side by side with them and encourage their executives’ engagement with the organization.

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At Executives On Go we focus and align all factors towards achieving our clients’ goals.

How do we do it. Executives On Go

“Together we are a team”

The success is only granted when working together with our clients in a relationship of mutual trust based on shared values: integrity, honesty, commitment and transparency.


From Executives On Go we provide sound experience in most industries and functional areas involving different management levels.

Our teams’ engagement with clients leads to their commitment to thoroughly understand and meet the unique needs of each company’s business and industry field.


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Constancy and dedication:

Only constant work can bring tangible results. Success is a natural outcome of working as a team along with our clients.

Integrity and honesty:

These two core principles lead our actions. Saying and doing what we have previously professed is essential in our relations with others. Thus, we deal with clients, candidates and partners in a transparent manner.

Human Quality:

At Executives On Go we cultivate relationships with clients, candidates and suppliers based on respect and ethical values to build a sincere and honest professional partnership.


We observe professional secrecy and ensure that procedures are developed to avoid disclosure of any confidential data related to our collaborations.

Protection of Personal Data:

Executives On Go complies with Regulation (EU) 2016/679.