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Job seeking and career development Executives On Go
  • Are you looking to improve and/or evolve in your current company?
  • Are you looking to change companies to opt for a better position?
  • Are you seeking a new job?

If you feel identified with any of these situations, you may be also feeling that you are not moving forward.  Moreover, even having an attractive profile it may happen that you do not reach the finish line when you compete with other professionals.

Tell us, what is your need?

  • I apply for many jobs offers, but I do not advance in the processes.
  • I have been in the same company for a long time, I want to change, but I do not dare.
  • I feel that I have reached the ceiling, I have completed a stage, but I cannot move forward.
  • I do not know what to do with my professional future.
  • To reach my goal I need to define a plan and I do not know how.
  • I do not leave job interviews with a good feeling.
  • I have moved contacts, but without results.
  • Other concerns that block you.

Certainly, knowing how to value your career and your skills in line with your values and market demands becomes a challenge that seems difficult to achieve. In fact it can even generate frustration and anxiety but it becomes key to face it.

As you know, the labour market has evolved and not always is easy to know and understand this new reality.

That is why sometimes it is necessary to seek guidance from experts in this field who focus on determining what are the obstacles that are holding you back, defining realistic goals and developing effective action plans to achieve them.

We help you progress in your career and achieve your goal.

At Executives On Go we are specialists in career management and recruitment processes for various fields and types of organizations. Therefore, we know very well labour market characteristics and dynamic, as well as how to assess, define and enhance the talent of each professional.

We are pleased to put at your disposal our knowledge and our extensive experience in advising people in a very personalized way and helping them in decision-making during career transition processes or job search.

With your vision and perspective, you will be able to discover tips that you had not considered when desinging an effective strategy.

Equally important, we will provide you with the information, support, and direction you need to reach your goals much faster than if you did it on your own.

Our methodology 

One-to-one personalized sessions in consulting format. 

We adapt the quantity and content of the sessions according to your concerns and needs, so that you find they are quite operational and practical.  

With our personalized advice you will solve all your doubts about your professional career, reaffirm or define your goals and design a plan to achieve them. 

We go through each phases of the global strategy focusing on what you need to reinforce or improve.  

Evaluate what your professional strategy has been so far, to define strengths and weaknesses. 

Define what your job goal is, what market you are targeting, which companies interest you and what your target remuneration is. 

Identify what you should enhance and what you should improve to compete with other professionals in your sector. 

Plan networking and job search strategies with medium-term results. 

Executives On Go | Carrera profesional

Benefits for you and your professional future

  • Boost your professional development in less time. 
  • Be in control of your career. Know where you want to go, what types of positions are aligned with your expectations.  
  • Work on what motivates you. 
  • Visibility and peace of mind about the steps you want to take. 
  • Be proactive and anticipate what is going to happen. 
  • Increase your ability to spot the opportunities you want. 
  • Self knowledge.



If you are also interested in working on Personal Branding and Job Search on LinkedIn, you can consider one of our ROCK YOURSELF programs.

EXECUTIVES ON GO and Diaz-Aroca & Asociados | Social Selling | LinkedIn | Digital Strategy, we have joined in this service that will help you position and propel your personal brand on LinkedIn, as well as know all the levers to get a good job from the hand of a head-hunter. 

EN Rock Yourself SILVER
Programa Rock Yourself PLATINUM

If you decide to walk this path… 

You will get the proposal that best suits your needs and with our help you will be able to put your profile in value, explore alternatives and be more effective.  

Those who count on our advice standout our effectiveness, our methodology, as well as our willingness and flexibility: 

  • We understand and connect with each person, with their profile and their circumstances. 
  • We know how to identify and interpret the needs and potential of each professional. 
  • We promote improvements in the way you view and manage your career. 
  • We focus on the talent, skills, and resources you have. 
  • We guide you to define and reflect on your goal, new professional challenge, or simply, where you would like to go. 
  • We contribute to achieving the goal you have set and manage it over time by yourself. 
  • We adapt the sessions to your concerns and needs, so that they are operational and practical. 

Contact us: 

Our sessions are individual and personalized. Contact us to define the format and content that can best fit your need to work and enhance all or some of the key areas in the management of your professional career.

  • Your profile, your added value and your goal: trajectory, expectations, personal style, motivations, values.
  • The market, trends and positioning of my profile. Where do I want to go? And what am I willing to do?
  • Your search strategy: What I’ve done, how I’ve done it, method, tools, and platforms. Does it correspond to your profile and your goal? Relational networking.
  • The interview: what a story, how I tell it, in what order, what A stand out. Am I attractive in the story?
  • The written presentation: How you present yourself. Your resume. Your oral presentation: “I” in 90 seconds. The first impact!
  • Your social media profile. How to use them to achieve your goal.

For more information about our advisory service. 

By phone +34 916307580 or through the contact section of our website 


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