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APD Innovation Manifesto in Spain

From Executives On Go we adhere to the APD Manifesto for Innovation in Spain as a company committed to talent, innovation and development.

The “APD Manifesto for Innovation in Spain” is the commitment of all companies, organizations and managers interested in promoting innovation urgently as a driver of our country’s competitiveness in an inclusive and sustainable environment.

Among the proposals, the manifesto includes increasing investment in R + D + i from 2.1% of the current Gross Domestic Product (GDP) to 3%, at a rate of 0.2% per year, helping SMEs, which represent 99% of the sector, with specific measures to attract talent and innovation, create new ways of collaboration between university and business or include talent as a corporate value in the promotion of innovation.

The manifesto proposes 10 measures to improve Spain’s global position in terms of innovation.

The main proposals it contains are:

  • Increase to 3% the investment in R + D + i of GDP, from the current 1.2%, at a rate of 0.2% per year. This would improve the overall position of the country and its companies, as well as its competitiveness.
  • Help SMEs with size-specific measures to include talent and innovation. This is a fundamental point, taking into account that 99% of companies in Spain are SMEs.
  • Find new ways of collaboration between university and business. This is intended to improve the implementation of scientific advances and include business needs in them.
  • Include talent as a corporate value in the promotion of innovation. Create talent systems that allow organizations to identify the capacity to innovate, facilitate shared knowledge and promote innovation habits.
  • Recognize the work of professionals, such as scientists or entrepreneurs, whose contribution in terms of innovation stands out for its quality, commitment and perseverance.

APD Innovation Manifesto is a call to action for companies and individuals.

Join us in the following link!   Innovation Manifesto / APD


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